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During fall 2020 Syndicate had the honor to do the VFX work for Rakuten. Directed by one of our favorite directors who’s work has been screened several times during super bowl, directing commercials for brands such as Coca Cola, Playstation and Chevrolet to name a few. This campaign is a launch for the north American market, consisting of three films. Rakuten is a “Amazon like” web retail company that features a cashback system for their customers. The more you shop the more cashback you get, a concept that already made Rakuten the biggest web retailer in Japan. The music is a remake of Sir Elton Johns – Rocket Man.

Client: Rakuten
Agency: Pereira O’Dell
Prod Co: Smuggler
Line production: Sofa Unit Prauge
Director: Filip Engström
Producer: Francesca Lentini
Grade: Ola Bäccman
Editor: Stefan Ström
Online & VFX: Syndicate

Rakuten Holiday

Rakuten Kitchen

Rakuten Duet