En fredsförening med
kvinnoperspektiv som grund

Another Roger film we where happy to do the VFX work for. Backplates from space and also from a paradise beach in Thailand. The aliens where partly “man in suit animatronics with moving eyebrows” and partly CG. Things like facial expressions and also the eyeballs where replaced with Cg eyeballs that we could animate under CG reflections.

Syndicate where called in to VFX sup the shoot that took place in a studio in Zurich and also cater for the paradise beach plate shoot, stay there for a week and capture back plates for it all… Really tough work.

And then yes, composite it all together.

Previus film from the same campaign.

Sunrise Island 40s

BTS picture of the whole crew in Thailand for the one week plate shoot. 

Link to an article and the clients later re-edited version of the film that we sadly did not have time to do the VFX work for.



Crewlist Zurich.
Line Producer Beate Ehlert
Producer Lamar Hawkins
Production Coordinator Marina Winter
Director Jonathan Barber
1.AD Fabian Niklaus
Production Manager Florian Widmeier
DOP Pascal Walder
Operator Janic Hali Oua
1.AC Robin Schwarz
1. AC 2nd Unit (Friday) Noman Tarar
2.AC Elias Burkhalter
DIT/QTO Denis Spycher
Backup Wrangler Stefan Grah
Gaffer Werner Wiese
Electrician Nils Rausch
Electrician Marcel Burch
Electrician „Pümi“ Simon Wyss
Electrician Oli Hackner
Production Designer Sven Gessner
fab Construction Manager Winand Winands
Construction Josip Alecksic
Construction Tobias Eimer
Construction Marc Ulrich
Construction Walter Feirreira da Silva
Construction Jonas Martines
Head of Greenery Barbara Jäger
Greenery Tom Presting
Greenery Maximilian Kos
VFX Björn Benckert
SFX Alliens Supervisor
Fiona Cazaly
SFX Allliens/Fabrication
Natasha Jiggins
SFX Allliens/Art Francesca Bernardelle
SFX Allliens/ Animatronics  Adam Keenan
Key Grip Tom Mauss
Grip Assistant Ueli Amrein