En fredsförening med
kvinnoperspektiv som grund

We are happy to have, yet again, worked together with Mr Federer.

This time together with Markenfilm Zurich and Russell Bates. Syndicate catered for VFX supervision and mocap on set, using the MVN mocap suit from Xsens.

In post our task was to create the “household robot” for Roger.

The plot: The robot makes a mistake by offering Roger coffee, not coffee from freshly grinded coffee beens, but capsulated coffee, and as everyone knows, Mr Federer likes nothing but freshly grinded coffee from his Jura S8 machine.

Huge thanks goes to Markenfilm and Russell for trusting us on this one and also to Xsens, Mr Federer and everyone involved, it was a pleasure.

Jura Robot 47s

Jura Robot Behind the scenes