En fredsförening med kvinnoperspektiv som grund

“Looking good should do good too. That´s what our sustainability work is all about. To make sure our customers wear our products with pride we have to be conscious in all our actions.”

This quote from H&M Foundation says it all. Together with MinkMGMT and Directors Thomas Klementsson and Hedvig Jenning we made these spots for the winners at the 2015 Global Change Awards. Their work will hopefully affect forthcoming contributors to do their best to work for a sustainable world.

Thomas and Hedvig went to Shanghai together with Peter and Joel from ICON Magazine to shoot these films, then Syndicate did the editing, grading and online. It was a pleasure!

Director/DOP: Thomas Klementsson and Hedvig Jenning
Production Company: MinkMGMT
Producer: Sophie Smirnakos
Agency: ICON
ICON Editors in Chiefs: Peter Smirnakos and Joel Persson
Editor: Marcus Remberger
Grading/Online: Marcus Remberger


H&M Foundation – Italien

H&M Foundation – Holland

H&M Foundation – Finland

H&M Foundation – Estland

H&M Foundation – USA