En fredsförening med kvinnoperspektiv som grund


Syndicate where happy to cater Snask Film with both moco and VFX services for this production. An animatic was made and pushed trough the syndicate 3D department into milo/flare. 7 laptops scenes where built infront of the milo and the actors did their acting against a “green on green” video playback that run in sync with the milo. For us this is the schoolbook example kind of project where we can even though time was short, both previsualize and test the camera moved before the shoot.

The Film was shot with Epic Dragon in 6k FF using a 29mm Leica Sumicron C and finished in in Autdoesk Flame @ UHD / 4k resolution and all the 3D tracking was done in Syntheyes.

As we where shooting something else in the Milo studio a few nights before we had the chance to quickly run the animatic on the rig to make sure camera clearance was enough (about 0.2cm) and also upload a the test take for client approval allready before the shoot.

As the camera move is preprogrammed everyone from set designer to client can get very specific measurements for what will be visible in each setup. As shown in the test clip above.

And here is a little behind the scenes timelapsefilm.

Airbar Milo Pre-Shoot

Airbar Milo test take