En fredsförening med kvinnoperspektiv som grund


Syndicate where happy to deliver the future for this Swisscom commerical by Marken film Schweiz AG and their director Laurentius Emmelmann.

With a tight schedule of 7 days from locked edit to delivery, little Syndicate catered for the following, in order of apperance:

– Industrial robots working next to a prop built conveyor belt.
– Delivery drones picking up boxes and flying around.
– Some sort of uber futuristic laser projected engineer auto cad vision type thing.
– Humanoid schoolar bot.
– Self steering car featuring some sort of Skype 2.0 conference in mid air.
– And of course, the regular online / VFX  stuff.

The VFX was done in the Syndicate Stockholm facility and all approvals of the work in progress was done trough Frame.io
Thanks to everyone involved, Marken Film, Director Laurentius Immelmann, Producer Beate Ehlers, DOP Thomas Wildner and the rest for bringing us on this future trip.

Drone work in progressIndustrial robot render wipSyndicate CG carCar interior setMarken film Art Department ActionMarken film Art department action take 2C001_R020_101682flying Alexa XT & Cooke AnamorphicC001_R022_1016B3PastedGraphic-9Robots featured large