En fredsförening med kvinnoperspektiv som grund

Above Blackstar, and below Lazarus. David Bowie´s two last videos.

Director: Johan Renck
Producer: Svana Gisladottir
DP: Darren Lew and Crille Forsberg

Pitchfork article about the video

David Bowie released his new album ★ (pronounced Blackstar) on January 8 2016. Ahead of the record, he’s shared the title track, Blackstar for “The Last Panters“, also directed by Johan Renck. The video begins in space and gets crazy. There’s a dead astronaut, a woman with a tail, Bowie singing with his eyes covered up, creepy children, solar eclipses, living scarecrows, and more. We had the honor to do the online and VFX work for one of our childhood Icons. Big thanks goes to Johan Renck who brought this spectacle to us.

Edit: David passed sadly passed away right after releasing these videos. Again one of your biggest childhood icons, we are so honored to be involved in these creations. Little did we know that David was very sick at the time and only had days left before turning back to stardust.