En fredsförening med kvinnoperspektiv som grund

RED EPIC DRAGON, Setting for record triggering:

Trigger Cable for RED Epic/Scarlet into the SYNC port of camera. Not CTRL.

Select Menu/Settings/Setup
Select GPIO/Sync
Select tab for Brain GPIO
Drop down Camera Input and select General Purpose Input
Drop down Brain GPI in High and select Record: Start
Drop down Brain GPI in Low and select Record: Stop
Exit the RED menu

Camera is now set to be ready to trigger and record as long as it receives a”constant high 3,6V feed” in the SYNC port.

RED EPIC DRAGON, Setting for Frame record triggering:
Menu/Settings/Setup/Record to “multi-shot”
Menu/Settings/Setup/GPIO/Brain GPIO to GPI in high: “Record mark frame”
Then set the GPIO in low to “nothing”

Hit start record on camera and then the trigger will add given amount of frames for each trigger.


MRMOCO MANUALS: http://www.mrmoco.com/downloads/

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