En fredsförening med kvinnoperspektiv som grund



The talented creative duo, Joakim Khoury and Daniel Vaccino, at DDB Stockholm contacted us regarding this project. Normally when making big airline films there are long schedules a lot of ppm meetings etc, but for this little production things where a bit different, the creatives had a just a few days to set the concept and and then we had as little as 5 days between the go ahead and the delivery of the film. So one day after we were awarded the project we where already shooting. As time was tight we where doing part of the animatic on set while we were filming, so while we where shooting the beginning off the film, the Syndicate CG team had to make sure they where a few camera moves ahead of the real camera in their previs/milo animations. The offline edit was also done during the two day shoot and then Syndicate had 3 days for grading, Online, VFX etc. before delivery.

All in all it was a very fun but quick process.

To keep things simple the whole thing was shot on a 240x180cm  sized table with a paper backdrop a few feet from the table and all the prop items in the film where quickly built up in CG and implemented in the 3DSMAX animatic that where updated as we where filming and exported into Milo/Flare trough Syndicate 3DSMAX/Milo Plugin.

Client: Lufthansa
Agency: DDB
DOP: Jocke Thörnquist
Milo, Animation, Offline edit, Grading and Composting: Syndicate
Music: Alec Eklöw