En fredsförening med kvinnoperspektiv som grund

Agency: RufLanz
Prod Co: Onfilm, Zürich
Producer: Michael Gloor
Director:  Andreas Hoffmann
DoP: Armin Franzen

During the spring 2014 Syndicate had the honor of supervising the shoot and do the “cold breathing” effects for these films that where shot down in.

Big thanks to Onfilm producer Michael Gloor for pushing projects like this our way. The back story was that Michael called us and asked if we could do cold breathing… We replied “no problem, we will just arrange a little VFX plate shoot outside our office where we shoot cold breath against black and then we can use that to composite onto the shots”… Well little did we now that the swedish winter decided to fade of quite early so finding the right shooting conditions for those VFX plates was quite a trick…




Above is a picture of Mattias when he’s in character as cold breath around midnight in Björns parkinglot out on Lidingö, The coldest and darkest place we could think of 🙂