En fredsförening med kvinnoperspektiv som grund

In the early spring of 2013 Syndicate where happy to be awarded this project trough Joi Persson, executive producer at Folke Film and their very talented director Andreas Nilsson.

Syndicate got to cater for the pre visual animatics, milo programming, Milo operation, VFX supervisor, RED Epic Camera Equipment, HAWK lenses, Behind the scenes production and of course all of the post production from onset editing, offline, online and VFX.

The one week shoot was located in an old IKEA store down in Älmhult. Two Loops where made. One (as you can view below) was made as a looping banner for the IKEA websites and the other (was made with the young boy walking and talking, this film was made only for IKEA internal use (not allowed for public viewing). While shooting the two loops there where also an additional team on set shooting youtube trailers for the whole thing. So there where quite a bit of cameras on set, Epic on the milo, Arri Studio for the trailers, Scarlet for the BTS and also a few SLR’s on moco sliders shooting BTS timelapse shots and a little GoPro hero3 “for the on rig mounted shots”. The teasers where directed by Marcus Söderlund and DOP’ed by Anders Jedenfors.

IKEA Living with children, behind the scenes: